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Ease Staffing and Resource Issues

Develop existing staff

Many staff show they have the potential to do so much more.  Resources mean there is not always the time  to take out to upskill.   Coaching can be both  a time and cost effective way of matching knowhow and opportunity in one to one meeting the specific individual need.


We work with associates / partners to provide a range of in work and extracurricular activities to help with stress .  We also work with individuals one to one redressing the work-life balance and reducing the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Exploring other ways forward 

Realigning strategy, using different tactics are always an option to ‘reframe’ ta problem. A coaching approach can often help you to see a ‘left field solution’ or facilitate blue sky / outside of the box ideas.

Coaching as a ‘perk’?

In certain industries, you have ‘arrived’ when you are appointed a coach or mentor. In reality it is a simple way of adding to the regular line management function and get the opportunity to explore your role with someone independent who has been there, seen it, done it and comes wearing a modest T-shirt…

Bespoke Coaching:

General dissatisfaction is a common symptom.  It can take a while to explore where the real issues lie, serious reflection and new perspectives are required.

Staff team in a meeting

Case Study

Countryside work is still relatively poorly paid. Staff are highly committed and often work over hours and beyond the strict terms of their contract. They don’t want to let anyone down, but can still struggle with expectations and work life balance. The individual problem(s) of each staff member are always slightly different, we can take the time to get to the nub and offer positive solutions.

The explanation that the organisation has ‘always done it this way’ is no longer good enough – change management is a long and hard process. As trustees and organizational leaders, Environmentors staff and our associates have years of combined experience of tackling some of the very issues you face.

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