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Releasing Potential of the Individual

Coaching can release the ‘hand brake’ for you in three distinct ways.

To Remedy 

Work with a coach to tackle an individual issue that you have, this can literally take one session, but more normally up to 6 to build a strategy, practice, get feedback and develop the will to make the change permanent

To Engage 

Disillusionment and drops in morale can also be tackled through a coaching approach. Re-establishing good work attitudes, positive mind set and rebuilding confidence in established competences can all be achieved.

To Develop 

To help grow further, accept new challenges, develop new skills with the support and encouragement of a 1:1 tutor; creating new opportunities and thinking outside the box.

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Case Study

Having worked alongside a colleague for a year, we agreed that her abilities and potential were being wasted in her current role and that we should work together and find a more suitable role for her talents. Focusing on what she really wanted to do, what she really wanted to achieve and demonstrating that she was undoubtedly highly capable, made the process of identifying the right role and securing it quite straight forward. Those little voices that self limit yourself need a counter voice and a strong advocate who can see clearly and help you to express that voice for yourself.

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