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Making Your Case

Having worked out why there is a problem and what is causing it, the final step is to ensure you can solve it. To do this, increasingly rural and environmental land management organizations are having to seek this budget from elsewhere. Presenting effectively in the right way for your target audience, your findings, the reasoning behind them and what the solutions are sought can be quite daunting. Presentation delivery therefore needs to vary. It could be a technical report or a verbal presentation in person or online. You might need to complete an application form or talk persuasively to funders. Environmentors can help you prepare your materials and case in an appropriate format.
Pop Up Library exhibit, Cleator Moor


A project, funded by LEADER+, about the future land management challenges for Cumbria developed a range of materials to engage with the general public. This included a library tour, beer mat ‘facts’, video, land management booklet and a show stand.

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