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Overcome Challenges

”Coaching can give you the tools you’ll need if your struggling, overwhelmed, burnt out or just stuck”

Overcoming Challenges and Creating Opportunities

The simpler (yet still challenging) format is to address any weaknesses and explore how they came about and how to overcome them. Combine this with enhancing and playing to strengths, without over playing them.

This is tackled by both practical and psychological approaches; helping you to do and think positively and in a solution focus, avoiding a self fulfilling negative thought spiral.

Enabling the ‘Best You’

More complex approach is to explore your hidden potential and to address the blind spots head on. This can involve engaging with colleagues, line managers and others to help gather evidence, provide feedback and ultimately develop an action plan. This requires some dedication and willingness to be challenged and to want to change.  We will be there all the way to support you.

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Case Study

A client came to me having been disciplined and choosing to resign rather than be pushed out. We took a bit of time to re-establish his self belief and to attribute failings where they belonged. It then became more realistic for him to continue with his dream, acknowledging his mistakes, but also forgiving and moving on from the mistakes of others.

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