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Solve Complex Problems and Long Term Issues

I have a saying ”If it were simple – it would already be fixed!”

Individual support – We can help you find yourself a coach, a long term mentor or a maybe a peer group.  We know a range of coach / mentors who might suit different needs and different personalities.


Organizational support– We can help you to strip it all down, put it back together the way you’d want it to be. We help plan for change, transition or transformation, you will work with a confidante / advocate / critical friend.


Solve Complex Problems with Adrian Banford Coach for Environmentors
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It can take a while to get to the roots of a problem, especially when there are multiple factors and many individuals involved. It takes time to build trust and rapport, so that deeper truths and anxieties can be first revealed, then addressed. We have always tried to apply holistic, systematic approaches to issues, especially those that have proven thus far intractable.

Multifunctional land use and partnership building is one of our specialist skills:  working with people across the sector trying to achieve consensus and action.

Post foot and mouth, my team (‘LEADER’ Cumbria Fells and Dales) were tasked with stimulating the local economy, yet preserving the special nature of the countryside; we would proudly claim that the Lake District is a beautiful as ever, yet you cannot go anywhere in the area now, without coming across high quality, locally sourced, produce, food and drink.

“If the issue you have is complicated, ask Environmentors

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